Power Yoga
(beginners/ advanced)

Instructor: Marko Urbanek
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Tuesday, 20.00 - 21.00, Hall 2

Power yoga is a training during which one has to breathe correctly and perform various exercises for strength and flexibility of the body and a relaxed mind. It is a session of continuous physical movement of hatha yoga. The workshop begins with a couple of minutes reserved for breathing exercises done in a sitting position, followed by various asanas, which awaken and relax the whole body (forward bends, rotations, leapfrogs, body tilts, sun salutation ...). The order of asanas changes through the season and is upgraded by other versions of asanas. Each session is concluded with a pleasant relaxation in different lying positions.

Yoga pilates
(beginners, advanced)

Instructor: Nataša Nežič
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Thursday, 18.55 - 19.55, Hall 1

Yoga Pilates is an excellent choice for those who want to feel the effects of both Pilates and yoga. Throughout the session, the elements of the two training genres intertwine with each other and provide you with an exceptional experience of both Pilates and yoga. The main difference between the two is that Pilates focuses primarily on intramuscular coordination and increasing torso strength, with the movements carried out in smooth, controlled and dynamic way, while yoga includes static movement and stretching, thus allowing additional upgrading of exercises for flexibility and physical strength. Both forms of exercise belong to the "body & mind" training programs, which are aimed at reconnecting the body and spirit.
Plesna šola za majhne in velike!
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