Ballet / Dance for Children

Instructor: Rebeka Hanžel
Age: 5 - 7 y/o
Time: Wednesday, 16.40 - 17.25, Hall 4

This workshop is intended for dancers who have some dancing experience. Throughout the year, the workshop gains a structure of a dance training, which is still playful and interesting for children. The exercises enable us to learn basic dance elements, we explore the space (diagonal, floor, jumps), but above all we encourage children to be independent in their movement and execution of choreographies. Stage orientation regarding space and dance partners is the foundation of a good performance; therefore, the youngest dancers are being encouraged to develop these concepts.

Modern beginners

Instructor: Jure Masten
Age: 8 - 12 y/o
Time: Tuesday, 16.40 - 18.10, Hall 4 and
Thursday, 16.40 - 18.10, Hall 2

The workshop will cover the initial warm up part, the technical part, fitness and stretching part and in the end, the most important part, the creative part of the training. This way the children will have the opportunity to take on many roles and playfully interpret them through dancing in their own peculiar manner, which will ultimately lead to a mosaic of individual dancers combined into a group. In addition, the children will learn about the rules of performing on stage in front of audience, the principles and ways of working in a group, they will acquire the discipline needed for successful work. Training will be accompanied with different styles of music and rhythms that will contribute to their creativity.

Contemporary Beginners

Instructor: April Veselko
Age: children, teenagers
Time: Monday, 15.00 - 16.30, Hall 2

Contemporary Beginners is a workshop through which children learn basic dance steps, coordination and working in a group. By repeating a dance combination through a game, they also improve their memory and develop motor skills. The aim of this workshop is to encourage the children's desire to express themselves through movement.

Contemporary Intermediate

Instructor: Marko Urbanek
Age: teenagers
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 15.00 - 16.30, Hall 4

The workshop is suitable for dancers who already know some basic principles of contemporary and modern dance. The aims of this workshop are to evoke interest for dance expression, acknowledging one's body as a means of dance expression, and introducing dance elements such as space, time, energy and gravity. With the help of the instructor and through group work, dancers develop motoric, musical and visual memory, along with developing coordination through movement and preparing for a stage performance.

Tovarishia Junior

Age: 11 - 13 y/o
Time: Wednesday, 15.00 - 16.30, Hall 2

Dancers for this workshop are chosen at an audition. The aims of this workshop are to evoke interest for dance expression, acknowledging one's body as a means of dance expression, and introducing basic dance elements (space, time, energy, gravity), developing motoric, musical and visual memory, along with developing coordination through movement and creating dance projects for young dancers.

Hip-hop for Children

Instructor: Nadja Krajnc
Age: 6 - 9 y/o
Time: Friday, 16.40 - 17.25, Hall 2

The workshop is intended for children who want to get to know Hip-Hop as a dance category and as a culture. The emphasis is on learning the basic movements, developing an ear for rhythm and melody, as well as developing a sense of space. Children learn different tricks and how to perform on stage. The learning process also includes a game through which children test their motor skills and learn to use their body.

Ballet for Children

Instructor: Amy Anne Kennedy
Age: 6 - 9 y/o
Time: Thursday, 17.15 - 18.15, Hall 4

This workshop is aimed at children who want to learn the basics of ballet. Throughout the training children gain physical strength and body flexibility, develop coordination in movement, face the challenges of ballet movement and aesthetics and with this develop motoric and dancing discipline. Ballet and dancing lessons encourage child's social development, since the lessons are carried out in groups, where attention is payed to the individual's personality.
Training begins with an introduction game, stretching and exercises that lead a child to the barre. Trainings are followed by exercises at the barre, later the exercises are done in the center and choreography for dance performances is created.

Learning English through Dance
(beginners / advanced)

Instructor: Amy Anne Kennedy
Age: 5 - 8 y/o
Time: Tuesday, 16.30 - 17.15, Hall 2

The workshop Learning English through Dance is designed for all children and no prior dance knowledge is required. Children learn the basics of the English language in a natural way, accompanied by locomotory games and sequences. Dance lessons will include warm up exercises, the main dancing part and conclusion, all parts will have a cohesive topic, which will be supported by various English words and phrases. Children will learn to react to words, phrases, songs, and games first kinesthetically and then verbally.
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