Ballet for Children

Instructor: Amy Anne Kennedy
Age: 6 - 9 y/o
Time: Thursday, 17.15 - 18.15, Hall 4

This workshop is aimed at children who want to learn the basics of ballet. Throughout the training children gain physical strength and body flexibility, develop coordination in movement, face the challenges of ballet movement and aesthetics and with this develop motoric and dancing discipline. Ballet and dancing lessons encourage child's social development, since the lessons are carried out in groups, where attention is payed to the individual's personality.
Training begins with an introduction game, stretching and exercises that lead a child to the barre. Trainings are followed by exercises at the barre, later the exercises are done in the center and choreography for dance performances is created.

Ballet beginners

Instructor: Marko Urbanek
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Friday, 15.00 - 16.30, Hall 4

This workshop is appropriate for dancers who have learned the basics of ballet. Dancers develop motor and dance discipline; develop coordination in movement and physical strength and flexibility, especially turnout position. They learn and practice basic ballet technique.
Trainings begin with an exercise at the barre, later exercises are upgraded and done in the center, followed by preparations for dance productions, where dancers present themselves with ballet acts.

Barre workout
(beginners / advanced)

Instructor: Marko Urbanek
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Friday, 16.40 - 18.10, Hall 4

The workshop is a combination of yoga, floor barre and ballet. Each session begins with yoga warm-ups, followed by ballet exercises that are carried out lying on the floor and sitting on the floor (floor barre), and ends with simple ballet exercises at the barre and in the center. We focus on strengthening the body center, balance and flexibility of the body. It is recommended to anyone who wants to shape their body and develop a more graceful movement.

Contemporary Ballet Beginners / Intermediate
(beginners / intermediate)

Instructor: Ana Germ
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Saturday, 10.00 - 11.30, Hall 4

The contemporary ballet workshop is based on the basics of ballet, freely mixed with elements of contemporary and modern dance. It is intended primarily for high school and college students with basic knowledge of ballet, who wish to use, develop and spread their knowledge to other areas of contemporary creative art of dance.
Training consists of heating up on the ground (a combination of Pilates, yoga, floor barre techniques and stretching), exercises in the center (the basics of ballet, modern and contemporary dance techniques) and finishing with a choreography, which connects and complements what the learned material in a creative dance terminology, whose style approaches the emotive style of Kjara Starič Wurst, as well as the minimalism of Edward Clug.

Jazz Ballet Beginners

Instructor: Zala Horvatič
Age: teenagers, adults
Time: Monday, 18.20 - 19.50, Hall 4 and
Thursday, 20.00 - 21.30, Hall 2

Jazz ballet is a dance genre derived from the basics of ballet, but also adds to the style a variety of modern techniques (show dance, modern, street dance). The workshop is intended for dancers who want to learn about the elements of jazz ballet (pirouettes, jumps and various other interesting dance tricks). Trainings consists of warming up, movement around the dance floor, stretching and choreography. Trainings build on body coordination, spatial orientation, smooth motion, thereby giving dancers elegance and self-confidence, and improve their physical fitness.
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