Loop the loop (2018)
Author: Maja Lamovšek

Do bodies move from their own impulses or are they a consequence of a system? Loop the question and loop the movement. The project is a journey between placed compositions and finding authentic artistry within the move with three diverse movers inspired by drums music from Monastery Putna cultural centre. The creator of the project works with repetitions to question authentic movement and finds different dynamics to it. We loop inside mind patterns - known thinking ways in the fear of opening up and finding new ones. Strong closed system of dance academy pushed the creator of project to question freedom, how much do the systems around us block us? Do we want to loop on the same spot or do we step out of loops, systems and find human connections? The project leaves the questions open to the audience, where it is not important to find the answer, but to let it be in the moment with the dancers.

Alone (2017)
Authors: April Veselko, Maja Arzenšek, Katarina Barbara Kavčič, Marko Urbanek

So many mirrors, that gaze into us and send out fragments of images that shape our perception of ourselves, can not be processed without critical consequences. Therefore, we can not foresee what will happen to us and our descendants when these mirrors merge with each other and make it impossible for us to look past them, within ourselves.

Right before ten (2016)
Authors: Maja Arzenšek, Amy Anne Kennedy, Katarina Barbara Kavčič, April Veselko, Jure Masten, Marko Urbanek.

Evening of dance miniatures.

Authors: Katarina B. Kavčič and Jure Masten

The show deals with the search for the beginnings and ends of situations that arise between the bodies on stage. The game of bodies creates a tangle of dilemmas and their tensions triggers the moment of decision.
It can happen overnight.

Authors: Vita Osojnik and Marko Urbanek

Pondering in public, for all to see. Often creating the impression of being the effect, waiting for its cause. Looking for new weapons that invent new prey and generate new hunters.
Her name has become lamentation.
(Pascal Quignard)

Author: Marko Urbanek

The need for approval. Balance between their own impulses and their manipulation. Movement, left to distortion, and a tendency to manifesting one owns desires. Fleeing from the uniformed.

Author: Marko Urbanek

"At the very moment that someone is pulling out a credit card to buy something fancy, some people are fighting for their basic rights ... many without success."

Authors: Katarina Barbara Kavčič and Maja Arzenšek

In life, you were lucky ... because it's nicer that way.. But now you are its prisoner ... And I don't feel sorry you, .. I do not feel sorry that you will never get out of here .. too late .. Look at you! Fragile and scared, like concrete afraid it's cracks will be exposed.

Author: Marko Urbanek

The dance performance takes inspiration from the current collection of poems "Majhnice in Majnice" by Tone Pavček and  utilizes motion to reveal the stories of young creators in the infancy of their most creative life period.

Author: Gregor Luštek

Dynamics, connection, communication, management, indulgence, knowing someone inside out, wiping tears or jumping down somebody's throat! The maturation of a group due to and with the maturation of individuals through sweat, flooring, stages and hanging out at coffee shops; makes a group of people comrades.

Authors: Maja Logar and Žan Lebe

The project is based on creative union of the arts of dance, performance, audio-visuality, and music into a unique story that represents the connecting power of culture and creativity in today's individualized and disconnected society.

Author: Marko Urbanek

Life is a succession of climbs and falls in between which our life's energy fluctuates. In times of triumph, it happily parades, in times of dimness only flickers, yet it never dies. It is the unconditional love for life and the strength to repeatedly embark on the adventure of exploring oneself.

Authors: Dance Centre instructors

With our motoric and dance project, we wish to lure people onto the streets so that they spend more time in the city centre. With our authenticity, we wish to give the city a new, fresh wave of energy.

Authors: Maja Logar, Maja Arzenšek, Ajda Pfifer

Every challenge is equally demanding once we take it on. Every challenge is equally insignificant once we defeat it. Everything can be a challenge if we want it to be. Everything in life is a matter of choice and the biggest challenge is the choice itself.

Author: Marko Urbanek

An educational and a cultural project, , which is a product of the creative work of five dancers who have busied themselves with composition, improvisation, and spilling of ideas into motion.

Author: Marko Urbanek

Today I track back for almost a century. I return to a time when something new was in the making, something bold. I observe the dancers.
Author: Marko Urbanek

The retrospective follows no defined structure or time order, but rather, similar to the process of recalling a memory, ventures through a series of temporal and thematic leaps and a string of complex associations - and with that another variation of the author's understanding of himself and his worldview.
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