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Jure Masten

Dance education and work: Jure took his first dance steps as a five-year-old child at the dance school Pandora (expressive dance), and upgraded them at annual dance schools (summer, winter dance school, etc.), where he got to know different dance techniques: jazz ballet, modern jazz, ballet, Horton technique , hip-hop, modern dance technique, African dances. He continued his dance career at Plesna izba and Dance Centre, where he has regularly participated in many projects since 2003. Among other things, he also collaborated with choreographer of modern ballet in Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Edward Clug, choreographer and dancer Miloš Isajlović in Belgrade, choreographer duo Nastja Bremec and Michal Rynia from Nova Gorica. Since 2008, Jure works as a dance instructor and teaches modern technique for different age groups, from children to professionals. In recent years, he has also been designing his own contemporary pole dance technique. Jure is a member of the professional contemporary dance company Tovarishia Dance Company.

General education: professor of biology and geography

Dance genres: Modern Dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Contemporary Pole Dance

Workshop instructor: Modern (intermediate and advanced), Modern/Contemporary Children, Power Modern, Contemporary Pole Dance

Motto: "..., but living in a world without sentimentality is not worthy."